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The first published biography of Abraham Lincoln was published in this building (28 W. Market St., West Chester, PA) on Feb. 11, 1860. It was prepared from Lincoln’s own notes and served to introduce him to the public as a potential presidential candidate.

Freedom Corner 2022-12-09 17:24:02.659451 Freedom Corner Freedom Corner

But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: in the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Freret's Folly 2022-12-03 23:01:27.611337 Freret's Folly Freret's Folly

This row of five once identical Greek Revival houses was erected in 1861 by New Orleans architect William A. Freret (1833-1911) as a speculative building project. The row was so-named after the Civil War made the venture financially unsuccessful.
Freret was the son of New Orleans Mayor William Freret and served as supervising architect of the United States Treasury Department during the first term of President Grover Cleveland.

Moore McNamara House 2022-12-03 23:01:17.166929 Moore McNamara House Moore McNamara House

Designed by noted architect Thomas Sully and built in 1892 for Irish-born, prominent banker Robert Moore Sr., this significant Garden District home bridges the transition of architectural styles from Queen Anne to Colonial Revival. Exterior surfaces display a lively arrangement of projecting elements porches, wall bays, curved railings, and rooflines. The pedimented facade and Ionic columns on the entry porch convey a sense of order, characteristic of the Colonial Revival mode. The site from 1824-1876 was the homestead of John Cruden, a British West Indian. The rear two-story carriage house circa 1877 was owned by Samuel T. Blessing, a famous photographer. From 1901-1937, the house was owned by sugar planter Martin Kahao. Purchased by Dr. Joseph M. Hountha and his wife Inez Fazende in 1937, the home has been continuously owned and occupied by the Hountha-McNamara family. Through their many decades of ownership, the McNamara family has continued to preserve and enhance the home's historic character.

The Sully Mansion 2022-12-03 23:01:13.778747 The Sully Mansion The Sully Mansion

The Sully Mansion was built in 1891 for prominent financier John Scott Rainey, his wife Georgia Pritchard Rainey, and their four daughters. It was designed by architect Thomas Sully (1855-1939) in the Queen Anne style with Colonial Revival details. The two- and-a-half-story house is clad in wood siding with imbricated shingles on the stair bay, gables and second floor with a projecting rounded porch. It exhibits a cornice with dentils supported by fluted columns with Iconic capitals inlayed with Classical details. The Rainey family sold the house in 1923 to Charles Bennett Moore, a neighbor and photographer, who converted the house into a multi-family home. Over the last century, the house has had many owners. It was made a bed-and-breakfast in 1984 by owner Maralee Prigmore. In 2016, the Sully Mansion was carefully renovated by owner Michael Bertel, with a respectful eye on the home's original exterior and interior architecture details. It features an elaborate stairway illuminated by staggered stained glass windows.

Summit Standpipe 2022-12-03 23:01:11.086578 Summit Standpipe Summit Standpipe

In 1897, a bond issue was approved for the construction of the Summit standpipe. Completed at a cost of $14.000 as part of the Summit Electric & Water Plant, the standpipe was the source of water for the town of Summit until 1950. With a 100.000-gallon capacity, the 100-foot-tall tank was originally painted red, white, and blue to celebrate the water works' success. The engineer overseeing the work was Edward Fletcher McNair, the son of Brig. Gen. Evander McNair. The standpipe was designated a Mississippi Landmark in 2012.

Magnolia Memorial Tree Planting 2022-12-03 23:01:08.074664 Magnolia Memorial Tree Planting Magnolia Memorial Tree Planting

Started in 1943 Sponsored by Rotary Club, Garden Club, 20th Century Club

Off-leash Cat Park 2022-12-02 17:48:20.740964 Off-leash Cat Park Off-leash Cat Park

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