Read The Plaque Always read the plaque en-us Raymond Lemieux: First Chemical Synthesis of Sucrose 2021-12-03 00:32:03.579651 Raymond Lemieux: First Chemical Synthesis of Sucrose Raymond Lemieux: First Chemical Synthesis of Sucrose

National Historic Chemical Landmark
Raymond U. Lemieux: First chemical synthesis of sucrose

At this site, the National Research Council Canada's Prairie Regional Laboratory, Raymond U. Lemieux, with the help of Georg Huber, achieved the world's first chemical synthesis of sucrose in 1953.

This scientific feat was considered "The Mount Everest of organic chemistry" in its time. This discovery laid the foundation for modern carbohydrate chemistry and has had many applications in drug and vaccine development. 

The Canadian Society for Chemistry acknowledges Lemieux's achievement in the chemical sciences by designating this site as one of Canada's National Historic Chemical Landmarks. 

May 28, 2005

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William Bartram Trail 2021-11-29 05:07:25.970635 William Bartram Trail William Bartram Trail

In 1775, traveling by boat Bartram passed here, noting higher land and trees "of an incredible magnitude"

Pottery Hill 2021-11-29 05:07:06.267413 Pottery Hill Pottery Hill

This site (16ST48), dominated by the ancient Castain Oak (2006, Live Oak Society), has provided evidence of human activity though a sequence of aboriginal ceramics dating from the late Tchefuncte (800 BC) and early Marksville (AD 1-400) periods. Shards, bone fragments and shell deposits suggest continuous use by aboriginal people including the Acolapissa, later Choctaw, into the 20th century. Colonial settlers used the excellent clay found here to set up commercial potteries. The last pottery operated until the 1940's.

Simpson Church of God 2021-11-29 05:07:02.515069 Simpson Church of God Simpson Church of God

Second oldest continuously active Church of God in Louisiana. Began by Robert H. Owens, 1897. 1st named Welcome Church of God. 1st convert was James Harville. Early converts from Pine Island Methodist and Mt. Pleasant Christian Church. W. H. Jackson, 1st to be ordained Pastor. 1st Board of Trustees: Frank Parker, W.H. Jackson, William Parker, Samuel Tippit, Daniel Williamson and Elijah Williamson. 1st Sunday School Teacher Nancy Peavy Tippit. 1st Church House built at Caney Creek in 1899. 2nd built, 1906, at present site of Welcome Cemetery. Larger Church House built at that site, 1927. 1st Parsonage built here in l926, H. S. Fulton, Pastor. Rev. J. Carver, 1930, returned from ministerial meeting at Hammond with 2 Live Oaks to plant in front of Parsonage. New Sanctuary built here 1937. D. G. Trimble, Pastor. Present Sanctuary built 1965. J. R. Tackett, Pastor. Name changed to Simpson Church of God 1965. 1st electricity April 12, 194O, due to work of J. Z Merchant and C. H. Parker. Rev. Hull, Pastor. Rev. Merica, 1944, began bus service, assisted by Rev. Schmucker of Simpson Baptist, to bring people to Church of their choice. Tent Revival began with Assembly of God and Baptist in 1992. This spirit of cooperation (2 Cor. 13: 11) is alive today in God's churches in Simpson.

Erected June 15, 2006 Rev. Terry Adams Pastor. Funded courtesy of John Smith - State Rep - Dist. 30

A.Z. Young's Home Civil Rights Leader 2021-11-29 05:06:52.407606 A.Z. Young's Home Civil Rights Leader A.Z. Young's Home  Civil Rights Leader

While serving as the President of the historic Bogalusa Civic and Voters League (The League), Dr. A. Z. Young, a noted Civil Rights Leader, Luminary & Icon, led the historic 1967 nine day Civil Rights March from Bogalusa to Baton Rouge Protected by the Louisiana State Police referred to as the 105-Mile Gauntlet. Young faced opposition to the march known as the Great Challenge and faced a violent counter demonstration known as the "The Battle of Satsuma." In 1956, after the Louisiana State Legislature enjoined the NAACP from operating in Louisiana, the League was organized to represent the black people of the city. Young became president in 1965, and guided the League to test the city of Bogalusa's compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Young returned to Bogalusa as a 42 year old World War II veteran, who served with distinction in the U.S. Army 761st Battalion under General George Patton, and begin as a worker, organizer, and leader at the Crown-Zellerbach Paper Company. Young led the League through a tumultuous decade of white resistance and violence against black citizens' struggle to end de facto and de jure racial segregation.

Macy Street Grade Separation 2021-11-29 05:06:48.672350 Macy Street Grade Separation Macy Street Grade Separation

Macy Street Grade Separation, Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, Project 4361, City of Los Angeles, Frank L. Shaw, Mayor. August 1931

Northern Terminus of the First Commercial Monorail in America 2021-11-29 05:05:34.336722 Northern Terminus of the First Commercial Monorail in America Northern Terminus of the First Commercial Monorail in America

In commemoration
of service and honor
to the Seattle World’s Fair
April 21 – October 21 1962
and the City of Seattle

Placed in tribute this 19th day
of October 1962 at the site of
the northern terminus of the
first commercial monorail in America

ALWEG Rapid Transit Systems
The American Public Works Association
Seattle World’s Fair
The City of Seattle
Kiwanis International by Uptown Seattle Club

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George Washington 2021-11-28 05:30:00.077812 George Washington George Washington

George Washington
An authorized cast bronze by The Gorham Foundry from the original by Jean Antoine Houden (17 41–18 28) which stands in the state capital at Richmond, Virginia. It was purchased by the George Washington University in 1932 on the occasion of the George Washington Bicentennial. After standing in a number of locations on the campus, the statue found its permanent home in the University Yard and was dedicated on the spot on September 6, 1991. “George Washington” is part of The George Washington University Permanent Collection. 
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Robert A. Conyes 2021-11-28 05:29:45.390742 Robert A. Conyes Robert A. Conyes

In Memory of
by Harriet B. Conyes

Jo and Norm Budman 2021-11-28 05:29:09.974252 Jo and Norm Budman Jo and Norm Budman

Jo and Norm Budman
Celebrating 50 years of marriage
"I'll never find another you"