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Etobicoke Township Hall

Etobicoke was incorporated as a township in 1850 on land that was included in the 1805 Toronto Purchase treaty between the Mississaugas of the Credit River and the British Crown. Council meetings were held in inns and schools until 1888, when Etobicoke purchased this building in the the bustling village of Islington for their first township hall. It had originally been built as a church in 1843.

The hall had one large room and , during council meetings, the public sat on former church pews. From 1890 to 1921, the room also served as the township's first library. Office space for council members and staff was created as part of renovations undertaken during the 1920s.

In 1947, the architecture firm Hanks and Irwin designed a major expansion that added a second story to the 1843 building and two large two-storey extensions at the rear and front. You are now facing the Colonial Revival-style front extension.

Etobicoke's urbanization intensified and it's population continued to grow. in 1958, the township opened the new, larger Municipal Centre (later renamed Etobicoke Civic Centre) at 399 The West Mall.

Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, 1979
Produced with the Etobicoke Historical Society

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