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Friends of Noosa

Friends of Noosa 

This plaque records the incredible role played by Friends of 
Noosa in the re-establishment Noosa's Council. 
Friends of Noosa was a community organisation formed in 
2007 to fight the forced amalgamation of Noosa Maroochy 
and Caloundra Councils. Friends of Noosa had more than 
2000 members, with Bob Ansett the movement's public face. 

Although council amalgamation Went ahead in 2008, 
Friends of Noosa continued its relentless campaign for the 
return of Noosa's council. Six years on, the State Government 
yielded and provided a referendum enabling the 
electorate to say Yes of No to our right to self-govern 
On the 9th March 2013, residents voted overwhelmingly 
to reinstate Noosa Council with the new Council
up and running on the 1st of January 2014. 

This plague honours the efforts of Friends of Noosa, its allies, 
and the exceptional spirit of the community.
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