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Harriet Tubman

The plaque's wording '...frequented this site..' implies a vagabond existence. But she lived in this Auburn NY house for many years. In the years immediately preceding the civil war and during, Tubman often sheltered upwards of a dozen escaped slaves that she had risked her neck to bring north. Here they could rest and decide whether to continue into Canada or settle in Upstate New York.

   Auburn was the northern end of one of the underground railroad branches and residence of Senator William Seward (Anti-slavery firebrand and future Lincoln cabinet member). Seward sold the house to Tubman for pennies on the dollar. She later bought the 25 acres on which the house stands.

   This property is now owned and preserved by the AME Zion church. Its open to the public as is Seward's own home. Tubman's grave is also in Auburn.

Description and photo by Alan R Reno

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