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Rohwer Japanese-American Relocation Center

The Rohwer internment camp included a 500-acre area for internee living quarters and more than 10,000 acres of surrounding land for farming and timber harvesting.

Officially labeled a relocation center, the internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War II were commonly referred to as concentration camps. A concentration camp is broadly defined as a place where people are imprisoned because of who they are, not because they are guilty of any crime. Built as military-style camps, the centers were surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards in watch towers. Today these camps are referred to as American concentration camps, internment camps, or incarceration camps.

"The first thing one sees as he approaches the Relocation center will be squat rows of army barracks stretching in endles rows, and looking like toy houses that someone forgot and left out all night"

Colburn Cox Stuart,
Superintendent of Schools at McGehee,
Desha County, Arkansas, 1941.

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